Annie Strout Counseling
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Collaborative Therapy for Mind and Body

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My name is Annie Strout and my passion is helping people navigate their inner world to help resolve difficult emotions or physical discomfort associated with a health challenge or life crisis.

Over time, illness and pain can impact our sense of identity and reality, making daily life and recovery more difficult.

Our beliefs and mindset, our emotional history, and the roles of anxiety, stress and lifestyle choices contribute to our perception of and ability to repair what is happening in our bodies.

If you are struggling please reach out for a free, confidential consultation to discuss your needs and path to recovery.


Common concerns

Feeling hopeless and depressed about the future because of chronic illness or crisis.

Diagnosis with an illness commonly associated with or exacerbated by stress and anxiety.

Feeling like others don’t understand or believe you.

Caregiver fatigue or burnout

Illnesses can teach us valuable lessons if we use them as opportunities to look more closely at ourselves.

Oftentimes we cannot heal our lives until we heal our minds.

Coping with a health crisis can be isolating and distressing. We may feel like a shell of our former selves, unable to enjoy activities or plan for the future.

Normal responsibilities become overwhelming; guilt and shame are frequent visitors. I have been there, and know how important the right support could be.

I am honored to assist you with any mind or body challenges you may be experiencing.

I also welcome family members, caregivers or partners of those suffering from health challenges; these crises can be equally upsetting for loved ones.

Whether from a holistic, pragmatic or spiritual approach, together we will address your concerns and create a better future.

Virtual therapy with Practice Better means you experience therapy from the comfort of your home, saving you valuable time.

Click here to send me a message or call me at 804-666-8416 for a free 30 minute consultation.